Okay .. it's only mostly about fun. When it comes to teaching music we think that two things are critically important and they're so close in importance that we can't totally decide which one is first and which is second. One of those things is making sure that we are teaching solid music fundamentals in all of our lessons. This means laying a solid foundation of theory and technique and slowly building upon that. Cutting corners on fundamentals only guarantees that students will have to backtrack at some point down the road.

The second thing is no surprise .. FUN FUN FUN. Making a weekly lesson fun is not only important, we believe that it's imperative. An elective weekly activity that is not fun will eventually be stopped. This could potentially be a great disservice to someone who otherwise may have continued with lessons and developed a lifelong love for music had they been exposed to a fun lesson experience. It's really not rocket science, humans like to do things that they enjoy more then things they don't. So, make lessons as fun and inspirational as possible and our students will enjoy them. If they enjoy them, they will be more apt to practice. If they practice more, they will improve at a greater pace. The more they improve, the more inspired they get which leads to a desire to learn more. It is a self fulfilling cycle of success.

Did we mention that we think lessons should be FUN :)