In a lot of ways we have been really lucky in Oakville. Four years ago, when we decided to consider opening a school in our very own neighborhood of south/east Oakville, a perfect spot in the Maple Grove mall was available. Years later, when we were ready to expand, the Fortinos mall at Dundas and Neyagawa was being completed and was a perfect spot for a new school. Taking advantage of our good timing, we were able to construct not only beautiful looking studios, we had the opportunity to construct them in such a way as to limit the amount of sound transfer from room to room while allowing as much natural light as possible into each room. Add to that our ability as veteran musical instrument retailers to be able to outfit each room with state of the art equipment and you get a really nice and effective place to take lessons.

Our waiting area/boutique is set up for parents to relax in while waiting for their kids as well as serve the community with a selection of books and musical accessories such as guitar strings and picks etc. Did we mention that we have an awesome selection of lego and assorted games for siblings to play with while passing the time :) For new students we have a small selection of entry level guitars for all sizes .. and .. for greater selection we have access to a full list a available equipment from our main store KAOS Music Centre in Toronto.


When you think of a music school, the administration of the school usually doesn't cross your mind. Not surprisingly, how good your lesson experience is going to be is your top priority, as it should be. That said, well organized administration is almost as important. When surveyed, parents always tell me that their lesson experience is most important followed closely by how organized the school is run. A poorly run school can kill an otherwise great teaching experience. Luckily for our customers, we are not new to the world of running a music school. In Toronto, KAOS Music Centre has been offering lessons for over 24 years. In that time we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to music schools. From our registration process, to our payment policies to our cancellation policies each section of our business is designed to deliver as good an experience as possible with regards to the administration side of things. All of our processes are laid out in our Schedules & Policies Page. However, if you still have questions, we are just a phone call, email or a stop away, please feel free to contact us any time.