Beyond just being older, adults have different lives then kids, they also have different priorities and usually, different musical tastes. It only makes sense that their music lessons should be different as well ... we get that.

Private Piano for Adults ...

When an adult comes to us for piano lessons, the first thing that we do is talk about goals and previous playing experience. Based on the outcome of that conversation, our teachers can collaboratively develop a strategy for your lesson program. As well, adults often learn and progress at a slower pace then kids. Busy schedules and the older adult brain all contribute to this. That's okay, progress is the goal, not necessarily fast progress. As with kids, we're here to help you learn to play the instrument by way of a fun, relaxing weekly lesson. It's hard enough for adults to get motivated to actually sign up for lessons in most cases. Once you do, we'll do our part to make it as fun as possible. For more info or to sign up .. Call (416) 233-2232 or email us.

Guitar for Adults ...

Guitar is one of the most played instruments by adults. It's fun, relaxing and for most adults, all of their favorite music is guitar orientated. When it comes to adults and guitar, we see a huge variety of goals among our students. Some have never played anything, let alone a guitar and just want to strum out songs for fun. Others have played for years but find themselves stuck in the same old place and want to take their playing to the next level. Some are all acoustic, some all electric and some both. Wherever you fit in, we can likely help.

We have to possible ways to learn guitar, in our private lesson stream or by taking our group adult guitar courses. Some people love the idea of a class and others don't. Some will be too advanced already for the classes, others not. Read on to see which stream seems best for you and if you have questions, that's what the humans in our store do, help you with answers :) Call us anytime.

Private Guitar Lessons - As with all of our private lessons, they are taught weekly in a one on one format. This allows you and your teacher to discuss and decide on the best way to achieve your goals while skipping over material that may not be applicable to you. Private lessons are suitable for new players who prefer a one on one format as well as players who already play but want to expand on their playing abilities. For more info or to sign up .. Call (416) 233-2232 or email us.

Guitar Courses for Adults - Our search for a good guitar class curriculum took us all the way to New York City. It was there that we met Dan Emery of the NYC Guitar School. We were so taken with the beautiful simplicity of his guitar courses that we immediately began teaching them here in Toronto almost 10 years ago. The program has 3 main courses, Guitar for Absolute beginners, Guitar for Near Beginners and Guitar for Intermediate Beginners. Each course is 10 weeks long and builds upon itself in a fun, social and natural way. Entry level players (even people who have never played before) who want to learn to play guitar in a relaxed and very social classroom format will love this program. If you can pick your guitar up and practice most days for 10-15 minutes, you will have success with this program. It has helped thousands of people learn to play both in NYC and here in Toronto.

You really can do it!

Even if you're sure you can't ... YOU CAN!

Voice Lessons for Adults ...

 A fairly large percentage of our voice students are adults. Singing is one of the most enjoyable things to do musically and its kind of like soccer, you don't need much gear ... just your voice and usually your phone these days to play music and record yourself. As with all of our private lessons, our teachers will work with you to develop your musical ability in each lesson while working on practical pieces. With voice lessons that means working on vocal strength exercises, pitch and breathing work as well as pronunciation and diction exercises. Each lesson you will also work on a variety of songs. Our teachers all play so they will accompany you in class as well as utilize mp3 song files. Again, we know that adults and kids sometimes have different priorities and almost always different musical tastes. That's okay, your lesson will be suited to your age group, not your kids.

Other cool stuff for Adults ...

While piano, guitar and singing are the most popular adult lessons that we teach, they are not the only things. All of our private lessons are available to adults including Drums, Violin, Bass and Woodwinds. In every case, our teachers take a uniquely adult approach to your lesson. Whatever you decide to study with us, our goal is to help you learn based on your goals, not a typical younger person approach. You may want a complete approach like we would typically take with a child but you may not. Either way is okay with us as we know that when it comes to learning as an adult, it has to be enjoyable first and foremost. We're all too busy for elective activities that aren't fun :)