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Signing up online is easy. Simply browse through the available times from our forms drop down list and complete the registration. Once you submit your registration, we will confirm with you by email to let you know the details and your first lesson date. The first week of lessons will be September 10th.

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Our cancellation/withdrawal policies
When you submit your registration for private lessons we will process the fees for a whatever number of lessons are remaining in our current session of ten weeks. So, it could be a maximum of 10 weeks (10x$30) or a minimum of 1 week (1x$30) or anywhere in between. We will email you your receipt which lets you know how many we charged for and the dates covered by that payment. You may withdraw at any time and receive a refund for the remaining pre-paid lessons in your session. There are no additional fees or penalties of any sort. We allow one cancellation per ten week session so long as you contact us by email no later then 9am the day of your lesson. If cancelled on time, you will be eligible for a make up lesson before the end of the year. If we can not arrange a make up lesson, you are eligible for a 50% cash refund at the end of the school year or a 70% credit towards the next years lessons. Any class that is simply missed or exceeds our one lesson per session limit will unfortunately not be eligible for a make up or any credits.