Private music lessons taught during the day, in the school by our instructors. Same great instruction as our studio lessons but with the added convenience of having it done during the school day, not after school.

Who is KAOS Music and what are these lessons all about?

Great question. KAOS Music was founded by BIll Bates in 1989 and is one of the most well-known music stores in the west end of Toronto and one of the largest music schools in the area. In 2013 KAOS Music also opened a satellite school in Oakville near St Mildred's in the Maple Grove Plaza. In our 28 year career in the music retail and education business we have become quite good at creating exceptionally high quality experiences for our customers and students. Our relationship with St. Mildred's began late in the 2013 school year when we approached the school with our idea about offering private lessons on location. As it turns out, the school had been considering how to offer this very service. A few meetings later it seemed that our service and the schools desire to offer additional music education to its students was a perfect match. As an additional benefit to the school, a portion of each lessons fee is donated back to the school creating a truly win win relationship between ourselves, St. Mildred's Lightbourn and its students.

What types of music lessons are offered at St Mildred's?

Currently, we offer private piano lessons for kids age 6 and up

What levels can your teachers cater to?

Our teachers are capable of teachings students at almost any level from beginner to quite advanced. We routinely prepare students for their RCM exams in piano. All of our teachers are well versed in both classical music as well as modern pop music and in most cases Jazz as well.

Do your teachers focus on one genre of music more then another?

Only if you as a family request that we do. Our holistic approach to teaching places a similar amount of emphasize on many different genres and musical styles to offer students as much variety as possible. We believe that the most important ingredient to a young persons musical education is enjoyment so we tend to customize each students lessons to their individual musical tastes. That said, we place a high degree of importance on musical fundamentals. We simply do our best to teach these fundamentals via each students musical preferences. The more FUN students have, the more they tend to practice. The more they practice, the better they get which leads to more FUN. It's a self fulfilling cycle of enjoyment.

Who will the teacher be?

All private lessons will be taught by a police checked KAOS Music Centre approved and fully qualified instructor. Consistency in instructors is important. We do our very best to ensure that your instructor remain the same throughout the year. From time to time we have no choice but to change instructors. That said, we place a very high value on consistency when it comes to our staff and have structured our company to help facilitate such consistency. Currently, Lee Del Degan is teaching piano. You can find some additional information about them on our teacher page here.

When will the lessons be offered?

Piano lessons will be offered on both Tuesdays and Wednesday starting September 10th 2019. Available lesson times will start at approx. 10:30 and run until 2:30. Additional days may be added as needed. Students will have one lesson per week in their registered time slot. A students time slot will remain their own throughout the school year while registered unless they change their time slot or they opt to withdraw from lessons.

How much do the lessons cost?

Private piano lessons are $30 per week. We break the school year up into 4 sessions of 10 weeks each. Students can start any time which means that you may or may not be starting at the beginning of a session. We will charge your for the remaining number of lessons in the current session based on when you begin. So, the maximum number of lessons that you would pay for at a time would be 10 and the minimum would be 1 .. again, all dependent on when you actually sign up and begin. When you submit a registration form we will simply pro-rate your charges for the number of weeks left in the current session. All invoices are emailed to you immediately after being processed for your records. Once you are registered and taking lessons, your payments for subsequent sessions will be processed on the listed payment dates.

How do I sign up for lessons?

Registering for a private music lesson spot is fairly simple.  Simply visit our St. Mildred's Lightbourn sign up page to complete the registration form. Available time slots are listed for you to choose from. Once we receive the completed form we will process your payment and complete your registration with a confirmation email.

Do I have to re-signup every 10 weeks?

No..  Most people take lessons continually throughout the school year without any breaks (except for the usual holidays). Because of this, we take care of automatically renewing your lessons a week before the end of each session for the following session. We simply process a payment for 10 more weeks on your credit card. No need to email us, call us or remember any dates. The only thing that you have to remember is to let us know if you'd like to discontinue lessons. In that case we will not renew you come renewal time.

What if I want to discontinue lessons?

Again, it's no problem. If at any time you decide, for any reason whatsoever, that you'd like to discontinue lessons you simply have to contacts us by email and we will withdraw you right away. Any lessons left in the session that you have already paid for will be refunded immediately to your credit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, a very important policy to be sure. In a program like this, one taught during the school day, in your own school, cancellations and missed lessons are a lot less common then a regular studio based school. Nonetheless, a clearly laid out policy is important and we certainly have one.

We allow students to cancel one lesson per session (10 weeks) so long as we are notified via email by 9:00am the morning of the lesson. If you cancel a lesson by the 9:00 am deadline you will be eligible for a make up lesson to be completed before the end of the school year. While we do not offer any refunds for cancelled lessons we do ensure that you get every opportunity to receive a make up lesson. Our school administrator works weekly, attempting to arrange make up lessons with families. As well, if we find ourselves with an excess of lessons to be made up we offer a dedicated day from time to time to exclusively offer make up opportunities. We take getting cancelled lessons made up seriously and in most cases, we are successful at arranging them. Once we arrange a make up lesson for you, this lesson can not be cancelled or changed. Unfortunately, if you miss your make up lesson you will forfeit that make up opportunity. Also, missed lessons beyond the one cancellation per session limit, or lessons cancelled after the 9:00 am deadline will not be eligible for any make up or credit of any kind. Lastly, near the end of the school year we will offer students one last dedicated make up day to give students an opportunity to get those make up lessons done. Unfortunately, once the school year ends, any unused cancellation credits will be forfeited.