Referring a new student to our school is good for us, good for the new student and good for you (the referrer). Each time you refer a new student to us, the new student gets and instant $30 discount on their first session of lessons. You get a $30 credit to be used towards your next session registration … and for us, we get a new student and a new opportunity to help someone learn to make music. Everybody wins! ** see details below.


If you can manage to refer 4 students in one school year (Sept - June) we will give you a full 10 week session of lessons for free. *** see details below.

** Program Details.

  • You are welcome to refer anybody except a direct family member or anyone living in the same household.

  • In order to refer someone, you must have been enrolled for no less then one month.

  • New students must notify us who they were referred by at the time of registration. Anytime after registration will not be considered eligible for this program. This program begins Oct 7 2019.

  • Referring students may also notify us of a new referral anytime before the newly referred student signs up.

  • Newly referred students must register for the balance of our current session or a minimum of 4 lessons.

  • Newly referred students are not permitted to withdraw from lessons for a minimum of 4 lessons.

  • Newly referred students will have their $30 discount deducted from their initial registration fees (min 4 lessons, max 10 lessons depending on current session)

  • Referring students will receive their $30 credit towards their next full session registration payment. Credit can only be used towards a full session fee and can not be applied to a single lesson. Referral credits are not transferable.

  • The $30 credit has no cash value and can only be used towards a students next session of lessons.

*** Free Session Program Details.

  • In order to receive a free session of lessons, your 4 referred students each must stay enrolled for 3 full sessions of lessons.

  • In order to be eligible, all 4 referred students must be referred in the same school year (Sept - June).

  • Referring students will receive their free session of lessons once all of their 4 referred students complete 3 full sessions of lessons.

  • Awarded free sessions can only be used by the referring student, a sibling or parent from the same household.

  • Awarded free sessions have no expiry date and can be used anytime after all 4 referrals complete their 3 sessions of lessons.

  • Awarded free sessions can only be redeemed towards lessons and have no cash value nor are they transferable in any way.