The Getting Started Loaner Program ...

We know, that not every activity that you start with your kids works out. Buying new gear for every new activity can become a bit expensive and frustrating when things sometimes don't work out. With that in mind, we developed the Getting Started Program for people who really wanted to try music lessons but didn't yet own an instrument.

It's really simple ...

You sign up and pay for 20 weeks of lessons and we lend you an instrument to use in your home and in your lessons for that initial 20 week period. There is no charge, fee or rental of any kind for the initial 20 weeks. At the end of the 20 weeks, you have to either return the instrument to us or buy it, one or the other. If you return it, still no fees. If you decide to buy it, you pay our everyday competitive price for it at that time.

It's totally win/win ... we get a new student for lessons and you get to try lessons without having to purchase a new instrument before you feel sure that music is going to be a good fit for you or your child.

To access this program, simply ask our studio staff about it when you are signing up for lessons.

* program is only open to new students and program can not be repeated *